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Position Description and Board Expectations: 
The YMCA of the Upper Pee Dee is seeking a strategic and visionary leader with the experience to see the big picture, to develop and implement strategic plans with the changing needs of the community, focused on membership and value-added programs. The new CEO must be able to position the Y for maximum impact in: youth development, healthy living and social responsibility in the Chesterfield, Darlington and Hartsville communities. The CEO will be the fabric in the community who understands the needs and provides the services and programs desired. The new CEO must also strengthen the collaboration between the city and the Y and move the Y’s communication and marketing techniques in line with the new media outreach. 

The next leader must be a proven fundraiser with solid best practices in running successful campaigns, motivating and organizing the board, volunteers and staff to share the Y story. Financial acumen, with the ability to communicate and educate the board and the staff on the aspects of operations in real time, ability to motivate staff to build and develop new programs, and collaboration with health care and education industries are also critical areas for the new CEO.

Within the first year of employment individual must be able to assess the operations and provide a vision and road map to ensure the continued success and future impact and presence of the Y in the communities. The CEO will create collaborations and partnerships that will allow diverse and needed services with the three branches, each serving a unique community with different needs. Each area serves a different community, but the marketing and communication should be consistent. The CEO will also engage and develop the staff leadership at each location to serve those communities with a broader focus on families.

Hiring Range: $85,000 - $105,000 commensurate with experience.

Residency Expectation:  Living in the YMCA’s service area is required.

Benefits: Retirement contribution at 12% after eligibility requirements are met, vacation plan, health plan and other benefits per personnel policy.

YMCA of the Upper Pee Dee Association Facts:

A Brief History of Our YMCA: The Hartsville YMCA began in 1985 as a shoestring operation with one employee and some used equipment. In 1988, it moved to its current location in the historic Coker Department Store building. In 1998, the Y completed an extension and renovation project that resulted in a 55,000 square foot full facility.

In 2003, the Darlington YMCA branch opened. This necessitated the creation of The YMCA of the Upper Pee Dee an umbrella organization that oversees all branches.

The Chesterfield YMCA branch opened in 2006.

The YMCA of the Upper Pee Dee now serves 4,922 members. Another 17,400 non-members used Y services and programs in the 2017 calendar year. In that year, we also provided 263 member scholarships and 251 program scholarships for a total of $51,911 in financial assistance back to our communities.

The Y offers more than 100 on-going programs and services to its communities each year.

YMCA Membership Features Include: Three facility locations to serve the communities Hartsville, Chesterfield and Darlington.  Gymnasium which includes health and wellness programs, cardio equipment, group exercise programs, indoor and outdoor pools (depending on location), towel service.  Many other community programs for family, youth and seniors.

Financial: $2.3M operating budget with operations breakdown; 55% in membership, 30% in programs, 10% in annual support and the rest in others (2016 reported financials). $1.3M in endowment. $840,000 in debt.

Community: Known as the “friendliest small city” in South Carolina provides the community with it’s temperate climate, legacy of innovation in agriculture, industry and education.  Has the cosmopolitan feel with the friendless and knowing your neighbor environment. Has a local liberal arts college nearby that has been a strong presence for the last 100-years.

Branch/Program Center Locations:

• Chesterfield Family YMCA, 344 East Blvd., Chesterfield, SC 29709, 843-623-9622
(1,399 members / 36,460 facility sq. ft.) 

•  Darlington Family YMCA, 123 Exchange Street, Darlington, SC 29532, 843-398-0844
(488 members /17,400 facility sq. ft.) 

•  Hartsville Family YMCA, 111 East Carolina Ave., Hartsville, SC 29550, 843-383-4547
(3,078 members/ 72,000 facility sq. ft.) 

Search Process Target Dates:

•Resumes accepted through: December 7, 2018

•Preliminary interviews scheduled: January 14 & 15, 2019

•Final interviews scheduled: February 11 & 12, 2019

•CEO selection made: February 19, 2019

•New CEO on board (anticipated): March 2019


Minimum Candidate Criteria:

  1. Accredited 4-year college degree (required; non-negotiable).
  2. Must demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills and personal values consistent with the YMCA mission.
  3. Minimum five years prior experience in a senior management role with a YMCA or related experience at a comparable organization with direct supervision of multiple levels of staff and employees.
  4. Must have proven ability to develop and strengthen community relationships.
  5. Have the ability to develop new programs, review and enhance programs being offered or considered for both economy and the effectiveness in broadening our engagement in the communities in which we serve.
  6. A proven track record of budgetary and fiscal management.
  7. Fiscally sound business management approach.
  8. Must be computer literate and possess electronic based communication skills.
  9. Strategic planning and fundraising experience including annual campaigns and securing grants.
  10. Demonstrates creative methods in engaging the community and innovative programs to meet the needs in the community through detailed assessment of the services and programs offered by the Y.

Preferred Candidate Criteria:

  1. YMCA Organizational Leader Certification (Note: Candidates not already in possession of this certification have up to three years to obtain via YMCA of the USA).

Essential Functions

The board believes its new CEO should be an experienced leader who has the background and qualities that will permit him or her to achieve excellence in the following roles:

•  Develop and Implement a Strategic Plan: The ability to work effectively with board of directors, volunteers, community leaders and key staff to identify critical community needs and develop a strategic roadmap focused on organizational strategies, understands and think strategically. Lead staff in the development and implementation of goals through an annual operating plan. Lead volunteers in aligning committees and their charts of work to support the strategies and goals of the Y.

Key competencies: influence, values, relationships, inclusion, communication, project management, innovation, decision making, quality results 

•  Improve Operating Performance: Partner with the board and staff to identify issues and develop an annual tactical plan for achieving key YMCA goals and objectives to solve them. Remain fully informed of all operational issues and be able to quickly address issues that arise as well as forecast future needs. Manage and direct the Y’s operations and activities.

Key competencies: communication, influence, quality results, finance, decision making

•  Fiscal Management: Ensure the Y’s financial resources are properly managed and report on its financial position. Use high level financial analysis to forecast trends, growth and stability while consistently leading Y to balance or surplus operations by growing earned revenue and contributions and controlling costs. Empower and guide staff to lead their departments and monitor and meet budgets. 

Key competencies: decision making, project management, finance, quality results, functional expertise, developing others

•  Build and Manage the Staff Team: Serve as a leader who motivates, engages, and retain staff in a positive and productive manner by creating and setting an expectation for excellence. Demonstrate an engaging, open, positive and inclusive leadership style and display integrity, a high regard for honesty and courage and an open mind to innovative ways of improving services and expanding impact.

Key competencies: quality results, relationship, influence, community, communication, developing others, change management, values

•  Develop an Effective and Diverse Volunteer Board: In partnership with the board and board governance committee, work to evaluate and utilize best practices to strengthen the board in the areas of identification, cultivation, recruitment, engagement, education and evaluation of volunteers. Focus on diversifying the board to reflect the communities served by the Y. Engage board volunteers at a strategic level to create a vision to increase overall impact in Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility. 

Key competencies: quality results, relationship, influence, community, communication, developing others, change management, values, philanthropic 

Salary$85,000.00 - $105,000.00

$85K - $105K