Feb 23, 1:43 PM

What is your perception of the pharma industry. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts http://ow.ly/4iow309hERH

Feb 21, 2:40 PM

Behind each and every diagnostic result stands an individual patient. Help us to improve peoples life. Join our cross-functional team and do things that really matters! says Dr. Roland Thiele. Meet him and Roche scientists from Switzerland and Germany on 25th February at the MIT European Career Fair 2017 in Boston. Roland studied food chemistry, his PhD thesis focused on analytical chemistry and mass spectrometric investigation of natural products. He joined Roche in Penzberg, Germany as teamlead Analytics for our diagnostics R&D department. Since one year he is the head of R&D Systems Integration. His main focus lies on analytical concepts and methods in the field of mass spectrometry for small molecules. Roland is looking forward to meeting talents interested in a scientist career with a background in analytical chemistry, IVD systems engineering and clinical diagnostics. If you are interested in visiting the European Career Fair in Boston, please sign up on ecf.fairsey.com. For opportunities at Roche please take a look at careers.roche.com.

Feb 12, 8:00 AM

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill

Feb 10, 7:00 AM

How do you relax in the working hours?