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The definitive guide to working with the Millennial species

Millennials are a humanoid form presently perplexing the professional world. Never before has such an incomprehensible and downright mysterious breed had the propensity to darken hiring managers’ moods the world over.


Study finds that ‘very unattractive’ people make more money

A study from the Journal of Business and Psychology of 20,000 young Americans, interviewed the subjects at home at age 16 and then three more times before they turned 29-years-old. The researchers looked at the correlation between attractiveness and income of the participants based on a five-point scale of physical attractiveness from "very unattractive" to "very attractive." They found something very interesting when it came to looks and earnings...


9 non-threatening leadership strategies for women

In this fast-paced business world, female leaders need to make sure they’re not perceived as pushy, aggressive or competent. One way to do that is to alter your leadership style to account for the (sometimes) fragile male ego.


36 signs you pulled this presentation together at the last minute

We all know you pulled this presentation together last minute. And here's exactly how we can tell.


7 out-of-office emails and the people who send them

We all know them.


Here are Google, Amazon and Facebook’s ‘secrets’ to hiring the best people

It’s not that list of popular Google interview questions you Googled on Google.


Here are the 10 most deeply meaningful team building exercises

Effective team building events are more than just forced icebreakers or embarrassing videos everyone wishes didn’t get shared with the entire company.


Here are 10 tricks to appear smart in business meetings

Like everyone, appearing smart in meetings is my top priority. Here are my 10 favorite tricks to quickly appear smart during meetings.


Thought you were having a bad day at work? At least you didn’t make this Olympic-sized mistake

Chicago TV station WLS-Channel 7 had a very bad Saturday morning:


Eight things smart people never reveal about themselves at work

Top 8 things smart people never reveal at work.

Science of Work

Study: Yes, you can be too smart for your own good at the office

You can, in fact, be too smart for your own good, according to a study on what people really want in employees and bosses. Tip: Intelligence isn't it.


Good for you: Eight habits of considerate people

Being considerate of others is certainly a good career move, but it’s also good for your health. Here are the top eight habits to emulate.

Words at Work

21 words that might be making you look dumb at work

So you're rushing to send out an end-of-day summary email to your boss, but instead of reading through it yourself and hunting for errors — or even using the good ol' Spell Check feature — you just click "Send" to get it over with already.

Office Life

Everyday office horror stories that still keep us up at night

When you're an employee, every day can become Halloween. Here are your (mildly) terrifying office horror tales from cubicles near and far.


11 habits of supremely happy people

No one wakes up happy and stays that way all day. Here are 11 habits of happy people. Try them. You'll be happy you did.


Point taken: 8 ways to communicate like a human infographic

While human beings can’t be infographics, but cutting down on conversational clutter can make people more inclined to listen to what you say.


5 reasons to be more like Larry David at work

Sometimes, your inner curmudgeon is your best asset.

Office Life

Would you let your boss put a microchip in your hand?

We asked people in New York City's Times Square just how far they'd go for easy access to office potato chips. Their answers were surprising.


Do you love your job enough to do it for free? This man does.

He has only ever taken 19 days away from his most beloved task.

Office Culture

Team-building with firearms and archery? It’s a thing.

It's all fun and games until you get to the firearms.


The weirdest work requests ever

You will be asked to do some strange things at work. They're probably not as strange as this.


The comma that paid workers $10 million

Check your contracts, folks.


The best memes from winter storm Stella

Go forth, winter office warriors, into the internet.

Office Culture

Three people who had the absolute worst days at work this week

Maybe you had a long week. It wasn't nearly as long as these workers, whose mistakes may have made history.

Which office personality are you?

Are you the alpha dog or the bushy-tailed bambi?